Media Buying

Media buying is the negotiation and placement of advertising in various media channels. In today’s economic times, it’s imperative to stretch your advertising budget as far as possible and generate every ounce of value from your advertising investment.

The best way to ensure you’re maximizing the results from your media plan is to use an agency that specializes in media buying. Unlike traditional full-service agencies where media buying is often an afterthought to creative, at Konuba Media, media buying is at the core of what we do. It’s where our expertise lies. Many people at creative agencies don’t consider media buying all that “exciting.” We disagree! We think that enabling our clients to reach more of their target market, while gaining better control over their ad spending, is very exciting.

Konuba Media was built to help advertisers and agencies get the most value for their advertising dollars through the use of innovative, cross-media data and technology platforms.

We’re changing the way the world buys media…because the old way simply doesn’t work. Konuba Media’s trading desk platform utilizes powerful data and technology to simplify the media buying process and deliver better results for agencies and advertisers. Plan, buy, and optimize media without the need for multiple point systems and without managing hundreds of publisher sales representatives and relationships. Finding and scaling your ideal target audience while delivering the right message at the right time is critical to the success of any campaign. Optimized media means you spend less and get more. More customers, more conversations, more sales, and more importantly, more free time to focus on core business activities. Simple and effective regardless of media type, the Konuba Media Platform delivers the same powerful tools and expertise leveraged by the world’s largest advertising agencies and advertisers.

Konuba Media is built around dedicated vertical teams that leverage their industry-specific knowledge of “what works” to create fully customized advertising solutions to help advertisers capitalize on opportunities at every level of the consumer decision process. From custom “brand channels” to increase awareness to vertical-specific targeting tools to drive immediate purchase, Konuba Media offers smarter solutions that drive greater results.

Each of our dedicated vertical teams include:
  • Vertical Director: A seasoned marketing professional with in-depth knowledge of your industry. Our Directors craft actionable market insights through in depth analysis from programs we have run, from our publisher partners in your vertical, and through third party research resources.
  • Vertical Account Manager: Expert in helping improve performance at the campaign level, these professionals guide the development and implementation of campaigns through industry best practices and real brand experience.
  • Vertical Analyst: Through their in depth experience in analysis of the data from your vertical, these dedicated team members can uncover important insights from your campaign data and drive both short term and long term results improvement.
  • Vertical Ad Operations Manager: In addition to their knowledge of our serving and analytics platforms, these team members have developed strong relationships with our site partners to ensure your programs run most effectively.

CPA Promotion

With over 100+ CPA offers that we promote, we are an expert of performing-based online marketing network. We realized your need so we can satisfy all of your marketing goals. Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, we are here to help you with a solution for your marketing plan. We bring the best support in affiliate networks community. No matter who you are emailers or mediabuyers, we can help you to find good niches or even help you to design your custom landing pages and html creatives.

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